About Sadoway Conditioning

Sadoway Conditioning's training philosophy has helped hundreds of athletes achieve their full potential. We offer training in the following areas:

With Sadoway Conditioning athletes are trained to perform at the highest standard. With this in mind sound training principals are implemented in order to achieve optimal performance. Sadoway Conditioning uses numerous state of the art training devices to accomplish this goal. In today’s sport Speed is a crucial element! In order to improve an athletes speed sprint training is implemented to the athletes program. It has been shown that not only dry land speed is affected by sprint training but skating speed is too. Jared Olson who currently is training for the Olympics is our sprint coach. Sprinting helps create fast twitch muscle fibers, which are good for many different sports. There are two main ways in order to develop speed. An athlete can improve their stride length and their stride frequency. With work with weight specific programs to hockey to help optimize players speed.
Agility is defined as the ability to accelerate decelerate stop and accelerate again. In order to do this it is crucial that the correct muscles are trained properly to take advantage of the athlete’s true potential. Whether the athlete is an NFL running back or NBA player agility is involved with most sports. With Sadoway conditioning athletes go through agility drills that are sport specific. The drills are done with proper progression in regards to sets, reps and rest periods. Athletes will go through the same drills professional athletes have to go through in testing for camps or NCAA division 1 teams.
Plyometric Training
Plyometric training was once a secret Russian training method developed in the 1960’s. Now developed and scientifically researched more than ever, sports teams are using Plyometrics for their advantage. Plyometric training helps to develop explosive leg power. Plyometrics are based on what is called the stretch shortening cycle. Basically a person can think of a rubber band lengthening and having to shorten. It is the same concept with the athlete’s muscle. The athlete eccentrically lengthens the muscle with a contraction. There is now energy that is stored in that muscle and that is released with a concentric (shortening) contraction. An example of this is when an athlete jumps up. The athlete loads his muscles and than explodes up. If the athlete does not use the energy in the stretch shortening cycle it is lost as heat. In order to do proper Plyometric training programs with correct exercises, intensity and volume are crucial.
Weight Training
There are so many different things weight training can achieve for an athlete. Athletes can improve their strength, power, size and conditioning in general. It has been shown that lifting weights even improves endurance runner’s times. With sports becoming more demanding athletes are constantly trying to gain an advantage over their opponents. Athletes can make sporting teams just by their pure determination to go to the gym day in and day out. With Sadoway Conditioning athletes work with Periodization phases. This helps the athlete peak for certain events just like an Olympic athlete would peak for World’s or the Olympics. Proper volume and intensity is put in the program so the athlete is able to progress to the best of their ability.
Core Training and Balance
A strong core is crucial to any sport. Athletes train with specific core exercises to exercise this region. Athletes use balance and core together often to help train these areas. Athletes learn how to move through the different planes of the body and learn the awareness and how to use their body to the best of their advantage.
The athletes are first evaluated on their sport. Specific energy system of the sport are done through a periodization phase. From there conditioning of the specific energy system that the athlete will use is implemented into the athletes program. We also use HIIT training which has shown to increase vo2 max in athletes and increases general conditioning.