Programs and Pricing

Speed Training with Jared

Monday nights 6:30-7:30PM. These sessions are run by CIS champion and former Huskies track captain Jared Olson.
Tier Price
12 sessions $250.00

Summer Conditioning 2024

This program has sprint and dryland training with Jared Olson on Sunday nights for 1 hour. Tuesday – Friday we are at Scheers Martial Arts, focusing on weight training, agility and conditioning. Each session at Scheers is 75 minutes long. Runs from April 14th to August 24th (memberships valid until August 26th). Ten skating sessions can be added for an additional $300.00. We are also offering yoga to athletes this year.
Tier Price
3 days $325.00
5 days $450.00

Skates - Drills/Skills/Area games

Bryce Thoma runs the sessions on Monday nights. Bryce is calling these skates, Skills, Drills and Area Games. With Bryce’s vast knowledge of the game of hockey, he has developed a program where he sees vital areas of where players can improve their game. The skates will incorporate player’s practice of shooting; skating and edge work with puck handling, passing and area games. Bryce believes area games improve a players creativity on the ice.
Tier Sadoway Conditioning Price Non-Sadoway Conditioning Price
10 Sessions $300.00 $400.00

Team Training

This program is 1 hour long and may involve weight training, agility and plyometrics.
Tier Indoor Price Outdoor price
Joga 1-4 Sessions $150.00 $90.00
Joga 5-9 Sessions $140.00 $85.00
Dryland Team Sessions $125.00 $85.00

5% GST will be charged on top of all prices listed.